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There are dozens of events, both indoors and out, where we will be able to advocate. However we need help to fund these ventures! Our goal is $25,000 by the end of this year. Help us to spread the word about Douglass County, Maryland  by contributing to our GoFundMe Campaign.

Funds will go towards:

  1. A trade show booth;
  2. T-Shirts;
  3. Car Decals;
  4. Operating Funds to cover web hosting fees and to pay fellow retrocessionists to work the booth with me and provide them a per diem.

**Donations to Douglass County, Maryland, are not tax deductible. Any contributors to Douglass County, Maryland, will be added to Douglass County, Maryland’s contributor database. The identification of contributors will not be disclosed to the media or any government agency as it is not required by law.

What is Douglass County, Maryland?

Douglass County, Maryland is a 501(c)(4) founded to advocate for the creation of Douglass County, Maryland, as the most viable solution to the second class citizenship of the residents of the District of Columbia.

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Douglass County, Maryland will do the following: 1) provide full voting rights and representation to US Citizens that presently live in the District of Columbia. These citizens of Douglass County, Maryland, will live in Maryland, so they will have a congressperson that can vote on the floor of the US House of Representatives and they will also have two US senators, from their state; 2) greatly enhance the ability of DC residents to govern themselves. Presently, the US Congress and the President have final say over laws and budgets passed by the DC Council and Mayor. Douglass County, Maryland will be able to pass its own laws and have its own budget, just like Arlington, Virginia, or Baltimore, Maryland can and does. Congress will retain control over the National Capital Service Area (see Geography), which will become all that is left of the District of Columbia and it will be controlled by Congress as is directed by the Constitution; and 3) increase the economic prosperity of the State of Maryland. Douglass County, Maryland will be one of the well-off counties in America (see Statistics).   Maryland will be very fortunate to have this beautiful, culturally diverse, and historically significant, place in its confines.

Recent Articles

Take a look at some of the latest publications pertaining to Douglass County, Maryland’s efforts.

Washingtonian Magazine contacted me to write about our effort and about my work on it. Although the magazine hit the grocery stores in late October, the online version of the article did not appear on Washingtonian’s website until Election Day. You may say that the timing was just a coincidence, but I believe the publication wanted to make a point. I interpret their timing as an endorsement of our advocacy.

Click here to view the article.

I met with Tim Carney ​at the American Enterprise Institute and he was very supportive of Douglass County, Maryland’s mission and our efforts. He asked me to submit a guest editorial to the Examiner and it was published in late September.

Click here to view the article.