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We demand that the citizens of the District of Columbia be represented in the United States Senate and in the House of Representatives, in accordance with their numbers, equally with all other Americans, either as citizens of Maryland or citizens of their own state or through a new amendment to the Constitution.

Most often all or nothing politics yield nothing.   Thus, we no longer accept the exclusivity of Washington, DC becoming the 51st state as the sole solution to this issue. We recognize that solution may be ideal to many Washingtonians, but we also endorse a solution that has legal precedent and is politically feasible. Either way, the second class citizenship of DC Residents cannot continue if the United States is to be a fair nation to all its citizens.

We call upon Congress, the states, and the people of the United States to recognize and correct forthwith the gross injustice that the people of the District of Columbia have suffered and continue to suffer and to speedily grant them full voting representation in the Congress of the United States.